Youth Fellowship

Christ Church Youth Movement creates waves among the youth with its motto “Walking with the Lord, Working for the Lord” (Luke 8:16). The exuberant members radiate dynamism and the movement has remained vibrant all these years. Prayer meetings are held on Saturdays for young women at 4.30 p.m. and for young men at 6.30 p.m. Members of the Youth Movement assemble in full strength on Second Saturdays for prayer at 3.30 p.m. They proceed to work on the outreach program after the prayer. Bible study is organized on Sundays between the English and Malayalam worship.

The Mission activities of the Fellowship include supporting four children who are studying in a school in Andhra Mission, visiting Mission fields, providing clothes for the needy in the Mission fields away from Kerala, visiting senior members of the congregation who are bed-ridden, teaching choruses and leading the worship at the Sunday School once a month. Regular visits are made to the Cheshire Home to provide moral and medical support to the inmates.

Members of the Fellowship visit children at the Orthodox Home and Sunday Schools in Adoor District regularly. The visits are lively with interactive sessions. The Fellowship participates actively in the Divine Worship on Sundays by leading the intercessory prayer in the English worship and reading of the Psalms in the Malayalam worship. The Praise and Worship Service at the Church under the aegis of the Fellowship is well accepted by the whole congregation. Harvest Festival, Sunday School camps and Almaya Fellowship convention are occasions where the presence of the Youth Fellowship is widely reflected.