Young Family Fellowship

The Young Family Fellowship was formed to focus on the overall development of young couples of the Church aged below 55, and their families. The Fellowship maintains close liaison with all young couples and conducts meetings for Bible study, counselling, resolving issues that flare up in some families and to look after the needs of growing children. YFF is a dynamic force at the Harvest Festival, conventions and all other Church activities. It wholeheartedly supported the Sesquicentennial Celebrations. Resources are mobilized through regular sales of items donated by members, to meet some of the requirements in our mission fields.

The YFF had taken up a housing project to provide houses to six disadvantaged members of the Diocese. Currently YFF is on a drive to provide a house to a disadvantaged member of our parish.

YFF aims to ensure that couples in their prime of life work cohesively for the activities and maintenance of the Church and to lend a hand to fellow family members in distress.