Vicars Message of the Month

Beloved in Christ,

Greetings to you all in the precious name of our Lord and Savoiur, Jesus Christ.

We used to observe October first Sunday as Youth Sunday. Youth Movement is one of the important organizations of the Church, as today’s youth is the congregation tommorrow. It is the responsibility of the church to inspire and equip the youth for the ministry of the church. Now a days most of the youth are living carelessely and ignoring the purpose of their life. Some of them are distressed by disappointment, loss or failure in their family, studies, job or ministry. Look at Jesus who controls everything that happens. He can transform us and give us success in marvellous ways.

  1. Obey God’s Command. (Lk.5:4-11)
    Simon had failed at the job he knew very well. But when he obeyed Jesus, he had a great catch. The success made him realise his sinful nature and repent. God leads us to such realisation and repentance when we experience His goodness
  2. Obey God’s Call. (Lk.5:10,11)
    Jesus transforms the ordinary skills and uses them for his service. He gives Simon a new job of fishing men. To obey Jesus,Simon had to give up other attachments and then follow him. When Jesus transforms us, He calls us to serve Him using our practical skills.
  3. Seek for God’s Cure. (Lk. 5:12-14)
    The leper was shunned by everyone. Jesus touches the ‘untouchable’ when he seeks His healing. He shows sympathy and power. The transformation of the man was four fold :-
    1. he comes to Jesus;
    2. receives good health;
    3. goes to the priest and
    4. society accepts his transformation.

It was a chain reaction, in the right order. Are you seperated from others through misunderstanding or resentment ? Healing touch of Jesus brings forgiveness and reconciliation.

As we are celebrating a youth sunday, let us pray to God for the renewal and transformation of all our youth.

May God bless us all

Yours in His service,

C Y Thomas Achen