Unique Possessions

Tubular Bell

The chiming of the Tubular Bell, which dates back to 1915, is the precursor to the worship at the Church. As the four-piece Tubular Bell reverberates the hushed audience awaits the beginning of the divine worship. There are not many bells like it in operation in the world at the moment and Christ Church has in its possessions a rare and wonderful object that has the stamp of history.

Stained Glass Windows

The well preserved and beautiful stained glass windows dating back to 1889 present a picture of serenity as the worship progresses in the Church.

Bible Garden

We have planted in our Church compound seedlings of all plants and trees that find a mention in the Bible.


Elegantly displayed in its glass-walled museum, the hearse – coffin bearing carriage – attracts all visitors to the Church. The hearse, imported from the United Kingdom, was used by the Church till the late 1960’s. It was earlier kept in the hearse shed on the north side of the Public Library compound.

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