My spiritual Alma Mater

Christ Church has been an abode of many sweet memories for me. I’ve been a member of this church since my 17th day of birth and since then had many cherished memories of Christ church. My family on a whole has been associated with this church since the time of my great grandparents (Mr. T. C. Mathews & Mrs. Elizabeth Mathews). My grandparents (Mr. E. A. Ballard and Moneykutty Edwin) and my parents (Mr. V. C. Kurian and Susy Kurian) also have been members of the church since long.
It was during the tenure of Rev. T. M. John as a vicar that I started growing spiritually and I have always loved the fellowship that we had in church. I had my baptism and First Communion at the Christ church. My most cherished memories are during the Christmas season – the lovely carols of our church Choir, the early morning service I used to look forward to every year, the watch-night New year service and the gathering we have in the Church premises soon after the clock ticks 12am, the Lenten Services every Wednesday and the prayerful and meaningful service we have before our Harvest Festivals. The love and encouragement given me by many of the church members, the associate vicars and other elders has helped me to be a stewardess of God where I am placed.
I’m now married and a member of the Mar Thoma Church but I have my faith built on the values I learnt while I was member of Christ Church and those will be my fondest memories. It is also worth noting that our Church is one of the oldest churches in Kerala and has a rich heritage. Some of our previous vicars have later become bishops.
As our Christ Church completes 150 years, I pray that God may grant our Achens, the committee members and all the church members the love and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and help them keep the spirit of unity alive in our church always. I hope to be able to come back someday and worship at the Christ church once again.

Reema Kurian