The Christ Church Choir has always combined well. It assists the Clergy and leads the congregation in singing. Well – known exponents of music impart training in music to the members. The Choir actively participates in the Harvest Festival and renders musical recitals during Christmas, Easter and on special occasions like marriages and funerals at the Church. Members of the Choir visit the elderly and the sick during the Christmas season. Carols are rendered to comfort and cheer them. There are annual retreats and picnics for the members.

The Choir participates in competitions regularly. It has won scores of prizes in competitions conducted by the Diocese, sister churches, and Christian organizations like YMCA and YWCA. The choir has been on All India Radio and Television on a number of occasions.

God has blessed the Christ Church Choir with the services of very dedicated choir masters and organists. Former choristers render yeomen service as leaders and choir masters in a number of Malayalam parishes in India and abroad, and as conductors of celebrated choral societies in metropolitan cities in India.