Youth Movement

This September, by the Grace of our Lord, we as youth could meet on every Saturday for boys’ prayer at 6:00 pm & for the study of Word of God on Sundays after English Service. This month we could restart our ladies’ fellowship prayer.

We could support 12 children in Andhra Mission School, 2 children in FMPB (Friends Missionary Prayer Band), medical support to Ashraya (Organisation working among cancer patients) and medicines to inmates of Cheshire home- all from the generous contributions of our members. We take this opportunity to thank each one of them and the parents for their contributions. We also take this opportunity to invite all the youths to our regular bible study & our fellowship prayer meetings which will help the youths to discern the Voice of God from the voice of the world.

Parish Get-Together

The Annual Church Family Get-together will be held on Sunday , October 15, 2017 from 4.00pm to 8.00pm at the Campus & Centenary Hall. Out door games will start at 4.00pm.

We earnestly solicit your presence, prayers and cooperation to make the day a memorable one.

Tidings Columns for Congregation

We introduce two new features for the Christ Church Congregation members to share through the columns of Tidings every month from November Issue.

  1. One can share his/her testimony on ‘ദൈവം നടത്തിയ വഴികൾ’ (The ways He led us)
  2. ആ നിമിഷം …. (That moment ….) again a testimony to pinpoint a particular moment which saved you /or any body close to you……….. recollect and share with us.

The above should be as brief as possible but not exceeding 200 words

Pray for our Church

‘Pray without ceasing’, St. Paul exhorts the church.

A prayerful church is a powerful church. Hence we are bound to pray.

I request your attention and earnest prayers for the following matters:

  • An overall revival of the Church
  • Those who are sick and bedridden
  • A positive judgment for recovering our Parking Area
  • For the matrimonial matters of our youngsters
  • Activities of various Church Organizations and Area Prayer Groups


New Christ Church Office

The new Office in the Church Compound is named as CHRIST CHURCH UPPER ROOM

New Christ Church Office in the Church Premises

The new Christ Church Office in the Church premises was dedicated on 20th August 2017, and it will function from Monday to Friday (9.30 AM to 1.00 PM) from 1st September 2017.

Members of the Congregation are requested to utilize the facility for making payment of Monthly Subscription and for other requirements of the members.

The office above the Parsonage near the Dewaswom Board Junction will continue to function as usual.

Christ Church Committee 2017-2020

Christ Church Committee (2017-2020)

Church Wardens:

  • Mr M J Kuruvilla
  • Mr George Koshie

Committee Members

  • Mr Anil Abraham
  • Mrs Annie Koshy
  • Mr George Ninan
  • Mr Godwin Mathew
  • Mr Hezakiel V S
  • Mr M M John (Munduparambil)
  • Mr Joshy Mathew
  • Mr P K Mathew
  • Dr Minu Jacob
  • Mr Saji Sam George
  • Mrs Susan Mathew

Diocesan Council Members (With effect from December 2017)

  • Mr C C Cherian Kunju
  • Mr Eipe Kuruvilla
  • Mrs Nimmi Rachel Mathew
  • Mr Roy Philip (Ambat)
  • Mrs Sally George
  • Mr William Mani

The following members were co-opted to the Church Committee on 29th August 2017

  • Mr Abraham Koshy
  • Mr Biju Mathew
  • Dr Thomas Biju Mathew

George Ninan
Church Secretary