Harvest Festival : Sunday, December 3, 2017

Harvest Festival : Sunday, December 3, 2017

Dear Parishioners,
That time of the year is once again upon us; time to thank our Lord for all His countless blessings showered upon us thus far. As a Church we have been celebrating Harvest Festival on the First Sunday in December for the past few years and this year we have decided to carry on with our tradition and have set aside Sunday, 3rd December for the CHRIST CHURCH HARVEST FESTIVAL.

This year we are targeting all our attention to one major concern of our church: Renovation and Refurbishment of our Centenary Hall. As you are all aware, this is the only facility we have for our Sunday School, occasional Area Prayer meetings, Parish Get together, Hindi Worship and other church related activities. We intend to revitalize the present structure to increase the capacity, add modern facilities like air conditioning, better acoustics system and lighting, stage and green rooms etc.

The church committee constituted an Infrastructure Technical committee to look into the initial drawings submitted by Habitat Technology Group headed by the renowned Architect Mr. G. Shankar. We are awaiting the final design, drawings and estimate for detailed study and approval by the Technical committee and the General body.

We envisage the new project will cost us approximately 1.5 crores. So to collect an initial amount to mobilise the work, we have set our target for this year’s Harvest Festival at Rs. 50 lakhs net. The entire proceedings of the 2017 Harvest Festival will be utilized for the renovation of the Centenary hall only. We prayerfully request your wholehearted support, cooperation and generous contribution to make our Harvest festival a great success.


In the October issue of Tidings, in the memorial to Mr. K.I. Cherian under the heading “Remembered by” the name of Mrs. Aleyamma Cherian (wife) was omitted by mistake. The omission is very much regretted.

Programme for November

  • All Sundays
    Sunday School – 8 am
    Bible Study (Youth Movement)- After the English Service
    Hindi Service at Centenary Hall – 4.30 pm
  • All Fridays
    Intercessory Prayer – 10am (except 10th)
    Choir Practice (English)-5pm
  • All Saturdays
    Intercessory Prayer (Youth Movement)- 6.00pm
    Choir Practice (Junior Choir)- 4.00pm
    Choir Practice (Malayalm) – 5pm
  • 11th Saturday
    Revival Meeting – 10am
  • 18th Saturday
    Bible Study (Women’s Fellowship) – 3.30pm
  • 22nd Wednesday
    Prison Visit (Women’s Fellowship) – 2.30pm
  • 25th Saturday
    House visit (Women’s Fellowship) – 10am

Diocesan Sunday school Kalamela


Twenty students of our Sunday school participated in the CSI Madhya Kerala Diocesan Sunday school Kalamela held at Kottayam on 14th October.

Following students of our Sunday School secured prizes.

Jacob Cherian- Group C Bible verse English – First place with B Grade

Miriam Cherian- Group E Bible verse English – Second place with A Grade

Amy Elizabeth Jacob- Group C Bible verse English – Third place with B Grade

Sandra Ann Sabu-Group D Bible Quiz – Third place with B Grade

Adrian Albert Gama- Group B Bible verse English – Third place

Abraham Korah- Group E Bible Reading – Fourth place with C Grade

Adhena Joya Joseph -Group C Pencil sketch – Fourth place.

Congratulations to all the students participated in the Kalamela.