Artificial Limb Project

Mr. Mathew Abraham of Kunthirical CSI Church had a neighbour, Mr. Raveendran. Ramesh, his son, was afflicted with Polio and was crippled while he was a child. Ramesh crawled around and Mr. Raveendran could not do much for the child. Mr. Mathew Abraham took it upon himself to ensure that Ramesh had a good life. He took him to CMC Vellore where he was operated upon by specialists. Ramesh started walking with the help of crutches. He was taught stitching by the rehabilitation centre there. Mr. Mathew Abraham gifted Ramesh with a stitching machine. Ramesh became a tailor and started earning. He has married. He has children. He drives around in a car today.What one individual did for a fellow human being was splendid. Christ Church looks to putting a smile on the faces of a large number of our unfortunate and disadvantaged brethren through the Artificial Limb Project. The members of Christ Church have wholeheartedly accepted the project with the result that there are smiles on the faces of all who have benefited by the Artificial Limbs project.