A Church for Spiritual Development

I was a member of the Trivandrum Christ church in the 1960\’s or so. I was a member of the Malayalam choir which was led by Richie Walsalam and later joined the English Choir which was led by Sunny Walsalam.
I have fond memories of the church. It was during that time that the church was extended by Mr Baker and we had moved our worship service to the parish hall. Those of you who were there at the time will have painful memories of that event when things got out of hand the the choir was suspended. This was during Rev. George Mathew\’s time. The Trivandrum Christ Church choir during those times was a formidable choir and they maintained a high standard. It is the training that I received from the Walsalams that has stuck onto me.
Today living in Canada, these memories will never fade away. The Christ Church has the rich heritage of nurturing children and youth in spiritual leadership and I hope that this trend will continue in the future. My best wishes and prayers as you celebrate 150 glorious and blessed years.

Ranjan Koshie