Christ Church, Trivandrum, which was consecrated in 1859, is the oldest church in the city. Set in sylvan surroundings, it is centrally located in the Palayam area, between the Chandrasekharan Nair Stadium and the University Stadium, and with the Kerala Legislative Complex on one side and the arterial Mahatma Gandhi Road on the other.

The Church itself is an elegant building, built in the Gothic style, with beautiful stained glass windows portraying The Good Shepherd. The windows on the walls depict the twelve disciples (and their symbols) and others associated with the life of Jesus.

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Beloved in Christ,

Greetings to you in the precious name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

It is post resurrection period. Journeying with Christ is the subject of the season. The ‘Emmaus’ incident is very interesting and illuminating (Lk. 24:13-22). They talked and walked without recognizing the Lord, the co-journer. In the intimacy of the fellowship, Jesus was recognized. ‘Their eyes were opened.’ They realized that they were talking to the Lord Himself. Let us examine the Emmaus incident and think what happened to those two disciples who journeyed with Christ. They were benefitted mainly in three ways:

The two disciples were enlightened. Jesus expounded the Scriptures to them and their eyes were opened. They understood that Christ, the Lord of Salvation was risen and was alive. At the end of the day, while in Emmaus, they were totally different from what they were when they started their journey, as they journeyed with Christ. They were emancipated from their dejection, disappointment and disillusionment.

They were empowered by the power of the Risen Lord. They saw with their own eyes the Risen Lord breaking bread and giving to them. They were edified in their faith in the Scripture and the promise of God given through Moses and prophets. They were empowered to return to Jerusalem with great joy and proclaim with courage their delectable experience. The weaklings of the evening became totally powerful after journeying with Christ.

Enlightenment and empowerment resulted in their exultation. They experienced the joy of Easter. While they walked to Emmaus with sadness, eyes closed, they returned eyes opened to Jerusalem exalted with exultation. At the end of their journey with Christ they were totally transformed. They rejoiced. All what happened was like a bad dream. They could not contain their exultation. They wanted to share the joy of the resurrection to the eleven gathered together in Jerusalem.

What a total transformation to those who journey with Christ. The experience of journeying with Christ in this world of strife and sorrow is miraculous. If we prepare to journey with Christ, the way He wants us to, We can experience the enlightenment, empowerment and exultation.

May God bless you all,

Yours in His Service
C Y Thomas Achen

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April 2018



Rev. C.Y. Thomas

Asst Vicar

Rev Alex Abraham

Rev Alex Abraham

Asst Vicar


Rev Jess Mathew

Worship Time

Sundays 6.15 a.m.

Tamil 7.15 a.m.

English 9.45 a.m.

Malayalam 7.30 a.m.

Zion Hall - 2nd & 4th Sundays